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Recommendations for leaps in ideas developed by Corona

The condo’s management department contacted me.
There will be “changes in the dry cleaning agency business.” One of the largest companies is said to be downsizing its delivery and other operations due to poor business performance.

Corona has completely transformed the fashion industry. Events and parties have been drastically reduced, going out has been drastically reduced, masks have eliminated the awareness of appearance, and Zoom communication has further eliminated the need for grooming other than the face.

The need for glittering costumes for public display has decreased, and therefore the demand for cleaning services has probably decreased accordingly.

The greatest achievement that Corona has brought about is that it has “flattened humanity.
In the past, wars, epidemics, and all kinds of difficulties hit mankind, but the world never stopped all together. The world has never stopped all together, no matter what the “differences” were, such as race, wealth, or sexual minorities. Corona took lives regardless of whether they were white or Asian, whether they had money or not.

The question for humanity is how to take advantage of this resetting of civilization in the future.
Even if the vaccine becomes widely available, the fashion will not return to its pre-Corona state.
Mask culture has permeated the world. Eye makeup may become more useful than lipstick. New trends may emerge from comfortable clothes like trepants rather than tight-waisted clothes.

At this major turning point in time, I think this is a good opportunity to think carefully about the future of the work we are doing now.
Why not expand the cleaning business to include house and store cleaning as well as clothing? There has never been a time when the need for dry cleaning has been greater. By changing the business domain from “cleaning clothes” to “cleaning life,” we will be able to develop in the after-corona or The future of the company will be in the future.

It is better to keep in mind that the corona is a stronger development of human civilization.

* Photo: Doug Aitken “New Ocean: THAW” at the current exhibition at the ESPACE art gallery in LOUIS VUITTON, Omotesando, Tokyo.