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Recommendation of the Leap of Ideas Coronavirus Developed

There was a call from the administration department of my condominium.
“The cleaning agency has changed.” It appears that due to this large company’s business slump, they are downsizing in certain services such as shipping.

Coronavirus completely transformed the fashion industry.  Drastic decreases in events, parties, and going out, not consciously caring about your appearance due to masks, and no longer needing anything but the appearance of your face via Zoom communication.

The need to show off glittery costumes to people has decreased, and because of this, the demand for cleaning services have also decreased.

The greatest achievement brought by coronavirus it can be said to have “flattened people.”

Once, war and famine caused huge problems for humankind, but it the world didn’t stop.  Whatever gap there was between humankind, the rich and poor, sexual minorities, etc., that was all reset due to coronavirus. Coronavirus doesn’t care and will take the lives off anyone even if you’re rich, white, Asian, etc.

The question is being asked as to how humankind will utilize this reset of civilization.
Even if the vaccine is spread, I don’t think that the way of fashion will go back to the way it was before.

Mask culture has penetrated the world.  Rather than lipstick, eye makeup might be more treasured. Rather than clothing that tightens the waist, comfortable clothing such as training pants might be born as the new trend.

With this huge turning point in this era, I believe it is a good chance to think about what you will do from now on with the work you are doing now.

How about expanding the cleaning services from just clothing, to house and store cleaning? There has never been a time more than the current era that I feel that cleaning is necessary. After coronavirus, I am able to see the change of development in the business domain from making clothing beautiful, to making your lifestyle beautiful.

It is better to know that coronavirus has made human civilization develop more strongly than before.

* The photo is from the current Omotesando Art gallery in LOUIS VUITTON ESPACE Exhibition, Doug Aitken”New Ocean: THAW”