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Speedy Farm: Enriching the planet through the science of agriculture.

In 1800, farmers were 90% of the population in the United States.
Two hundred years later, it is now less than 2%. Instead of technological innovation displacing human labor, technological innovation has created new jobs, and crops have become more plentiful.
Agriculture expanded in response to population growth, but also began to produce enormous waste (food loss). It must match both with people suffering from hunger.
Corona has led to the search for a new way of farming, including the need for local production for local consumption with minimal logistics, genome-edited breeding, and the development of cultured meat using stem cells. The company is also working on a new project to develop a new business model for the future.
The key is to obtain the maximum yield from the minimum amount of farmland.
37 of the land %、淡水資源の75% are used for agriculture. In fact, the burden on the earth is also on rural areas. On the other hand, abandoned farmland due to the aging of the population is growing at a record pace.
Okinawa Prefecture also has an agricultural bank, and I am registered with it, but it appears that the matching process has not been activated at all. It is necessary to set goals, not just preconditions.
Take bananas, for example. Okinawa ranks first in domestic production (131 tons), yet bananas made in the Philippines (840,000 tons) account for 80% of general domestic consumption. There is no demand for this product for the amount produced because it is not price-competitive. Therefore, Okinawan bananas are not distributed to the general public, but mostly to companies. This can be made competitive for the general public by improving the quality of the bananas through multiple cropping by genome editing and thorough management using AI sensors.
We must enrich the earth with the idea of making agriculture a science.
In order to conduct such an experiment at Speedy Farm, we are first trying to understand the issues by playing with the soil the old-fashioned way.
…but, ah, my back is tired… Next up, robotics… wow…
To the staff, thank you for all your hard work! Lunch at the farm was exceptional.