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Conditions for a paradigm shift : New communication tools + New energy sources

A paradigm shift occurs when two or more new innovations are combined.
Communication tool + energy source = paradigm shift
In the 20th century, it is as follows.
Engine + Oil = Automobile
Frequency + camera = TV
In the 21st century, the great changes will occur at an exponential rate.
Development of environmentally friendly means of transportation
5G + renewable energy = EV cars
Overcoming Diseases that Impede Longevity
AI analysis + genome editing = cancer treatment
Logistics has changed dramatically
Drone + Sensor = Delivery
Education tailored to individual abilities and interests
Deep Learning + VR = STEM
Food that addresses population growth and eliminates hunger
3D printer + culture technology = artificial meat
In the future, “speed” itself will accelerate. What took 100 years to evolve in the past will be realized in just a few years. I am optimistic that the resolution of such vexing human problems as climate change, population growth, hunger, and epidemics will come surprisingly quickly.
◆ Reference
Are you ready for the paradigm shift? : Toward the Post-Corona Era” (Author: Jun Fukuda)