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Corona thinking : Virus as a man-made disaster that came from the earth in the solar system

Corona did not come from Wuhan, China.
It is an outpouring from the earth in our solar system. And it is a man-made disaster caused by man.

The remote cause of the new corona is climate change.
Deforestation in Borneo and the Amazon has destroyed much of nature. The viruses that had been trapped there found a new home in the form of humans and spread throughout the world. Globalization is behind this.

The Japanese began to notice this around Typhoon No. 19 last year, but the level of torrential rainfall in western Japan, centering on Kumamoto, is unprecedented in the past, and it is due to global warming.
It is the same scheme as coronal outbreaks. We must be aware of this.

The earth has hit the force-quit button on humans who don’t do what it says.
Global warming won’t stop unless we take living in harmony with nature seriously.

Tomoko Konoike FLIP / Tomoko Konoike Chukagari / Artison Art Museum