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Kayo Ume “Umeshame.” : I found a picture from 14 years ago!

There goes the picture!
The web series “Umeshame,” which I shot with Kayo Ume 14 years ago in April 2007. and location shooting in Osaka.
He went to take pictures of junior high and high school students’ club activities in Osaka. The 57 photos carefully selected from among them were published on Sony Digital Entertainment’s free cell phone site, “Shamekoto. a free mobile phone site operated by Sony Digital Entertainment.
The film was so well received that he later went on to shoot a Nagoya version.
The “Kayo Ume World” is in full swing!
Many of the negatives are still carefully preserved.
This is not as fresh as if it were in book form now. I’ll talk to Kayo Ume next time.
Just looking at them cheers me up.