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Talked dialogue [This decade is interesting! The Day Gen Z Changes Japan 】(Part 1) Comins Rio, President of SEAMES Corporation x Jun Fukuda, Brand Consultant

I think Mr. Commins is a calm and passionate person.
I look at society in a logical way and furiously set in motion the social good that I can do.
I would like to draw your attention to such a talk by Mr. Commins.
Talked [This decade is interesting! The Day Generation Z Changes Japan 】(Part 1)
Representative of SEAMES Corporation Comins Rio x Brand Consultant Jun Fukuda
Commins: “Isn’t it fun to change the world! That’s what I mean. When it comes to the image of social contribution, a typical example would be Mother Teresa, etc., but “selfless “It is.
For example, “Do you, living in Minato-ku, understand how a single mother with a monthly income of less than 140,000 yen feels?” I think there are statements like “I’m not a good person,” but I don’t think that’s the point. Human beings are empathy creatures, and solving the problems of the poor and one’s own environment are two different things. I think you are right. I often joke about this, too, saying, “If I can pay 40 million yen to drive a Lamborghini You can afford 80 million yen, can’t you? So please donate 40 million yen,” something like that. Then everyone who drives a Lamborghini would be someone who donated 40 million yen. How many Lamborghinis sold in a year x 40 million yen, how many people can we save with that?” He said.
So it’s about how you change the way you see.”
Editing: Junko Io
Composition: Mikiko Taguchi
Photo: Yukiko Echima
Date: April 19, 2021