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A conversation with Toshiyuki Teruya aka Gori-san about his love of movies!

I had a conversation with Toshiyuki Teruya, a.k.a. Gori-san.
In fact, we were from the same Nihon University College of Art, and we were in the same film club. (Of course, our ages are different…)
And Gori has been making films for 15 years.
Last year, a friend recommended the theatrical feature film “Bone Wash” (2018) to me and I watched it on Amazon Prime. I was moved by the quiet narrative.
The film was number one at the box office for several months in Gori’s hometown of Okinawa. It won the New Director’s Award from the Directors Guild of Japan and was also highly acclaimed overseas.
In addition, he has made a short film every year, and last year directed the short film “Acting Woman” (2021), starring Hikari Mitsushima. The entire film can be viewed on YouTube.
↓ Absolutely, watch it!
A conversation with Mr. Gori about his next film and his love of movies will be available soon. Please look forward to it.