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The idea of the view from the sky.

Okinawa to Tokyo
Observing the planet from the plane, returning to the safety of the city from the countryside, where I am surrounded by danger, makes me think that the world seems big, but in fact I may be seeing only within my own scope.
In Naoki Sakai’s column, citing Jeong Woojae’s artwork, he pointed out that the size of an object depends on the viewer’s conception of it, which I greatly agreed with.
It is true that the size of a house looks different when one returns home from a trip. The size of an object appears to be a fixed size, but in fact it is determined by the scale of the person who sees it.
Human urban life may be like the movie “The Truman Show” or “Free Guy,” trapped in a huge studio or in a game world, just living according to the scenario.
We may need to travel away from this predetermined scenario to see what one is free to do. We can find the seeds of innovation by getting out of the rules and looking at the city from a bird’s eye view.