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Speedy Resorts Palm Springs: Things to do in Palm Springs

Speedy Resorts Palm Springs
Well, this time in Palm, I stayed at The Good House, an adults-only hotel with a hot spring Jacuzzi and pool. It was like being in the middle of a forest, and I felt at one with nature. You can see stars from the Jacuzzi at night.
Once again, I’ll take you on a tour of Palm Springs…
This celebrity resort is located in the desert, about a two-hour drive from Los Angeles. Although summers can be extremely hot, up to nearly 40 degrees Celsius, 360 days of the year are sunny, and many people come to this land for vacation and sightseeing, especially in the fall and winter in search of warmth.
The following are the main attractions, although the way to enjoy them varies depending on the purpose.
(1) Enjoy design, art and architecture
I am an art lover, so I also enjoy looking at the mid-century style furniture and the brightly colored houses created by gays in recent years. And there’s plenty of exciting furniture and art in the trendy luxury hotel cafes–that alone is worth the trip!
The Palm Springs Art Museum
(2) Hanging around Palm Canyon Road
At night, head downtown where the streets are pedestrianized. There is an old-style street fair with lots of night stalls; Village Fest with over 200 stores.
(3)If you feel like hiking with all your might!
There are two: one is Joshua Tree National Park.
The oddly shaped trees dotting the Joshua Tree area make visitors feel as if they are on a planet of some kind. Various trekking trails are available in the park, and visitors can experience nature while touching the strangely shaped ochre-colored rock surfaces.
The other is the Eriarm tram.
The world’s largest revolving streetcar takes you to an altitude of about 2,500 meters. It takes about 15 minutes to get there. You can see the whole town from the observation deck. Even though Palm Springs is located in a desert area, the temperature difference from the plains is nearly 30 degrees Celsius even when the weather is sunny, and you can enjoy playing in the snow in winter. Several hiking trails are available from the arrival point. Some trails lead to the top of San Jacinto Mountain, which is 3,000 meters above sea level.
Palm Springs Aerial Tramway
There are also Indian Canyon and . Anza-Borrego Desert State Park is also located there.
Coachella, a festival lover’s mecca, is also just a short drive away.