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NON on cover of “TV Drama Chronicle 1990→2020”

NON on the cover of “TV Drama Chronicle 1990→2020”.

The latest book from the drama critic, Reiichi Narima, called “TV Drama Chronicle 1990→2020” has been published.

This book is a chronicle of Japanese TV drama series.
In the book, he evaluates the works of Shinji Nojima, Yukihiko Tsutsumi, and Kankuro Kudo—the 3 influential scriptwriters of the Heisei era (1989–2019). Additionally, he also considers the new trends of creative works by current scriptwriters such as Yuji Sakamoto, Akiko Nogi, and more in the current Reiwa era.

【Book Information】
Price:3,500 JPY+ tax
Number of Pages :480 pages
Release Date:17 March (Wed) at 20:00, advance sales & reservations accepted on the PLANETS official online store/Retail sales to start on April 9 (Fri) in all stores nationwide in Japan.