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Speedy CryptoArt Gallery : The future of Crypto Art (NFT Art)

I got Beeple’s “Everydays” for 7.5 million yen←Fake (ROFL) Well, it’s not really fake. It’s a canvas print that I bought on Beeple’s official website.

Can Crypto Art (NFT Art) be considered an innovation in the world of art? It’s true that, since he had been posting digital art on Twitter every day for 5,000 days since 2007, there is no doubt that they are imbued with unimaginable amounts of energy in the world of art.

One of the things we use to gauge the value of art is the “effort” put into it. The amount of effort can translate into a higher sales price. However, there are also artists popular on the market for one-stroke paintings…

Anyways, ever since it sold for an exorbitant price on March 11, Crypto Art is now getting attention from all sorts of people. I have also started my own, called Speedy CryptoArt Gallery, but how do you expect a layperson to understand this enigma?

Traditional art galleries are now forced to understand the intricacies of cryptocurrencies which they had no experience with before, with mixed feelings of fear and curiosity.

For IT companies involved in cryptocurrencies, now that they have found something resembling a real-use case for cryptocurrencies, they are all eyeing the opportunity to tokenize everything in the physical world, from art to music and fashion.

At the moment, the auctioned Crypto arts are only JPEG images or MP4 video data recorded on a digital ledger. There are no ownership agreements nor DRM protection. Popular artists can enjoy temporary wealth with a fragment of their popularity. Additionally, young CG artists who are quick to grab the opportunity are also handed the limelight to promote themselves for some amount of time.

So, how do you become a full-fledged crypto artist? We as gallery curators, marketers, and producers need to consider this issue seriously.

Regardless of the times, media (receptacles) are always required to hold the contents. For example, in new media, multimedia, and broadband, the medium (storage formats) to contain them always came before the contents.

Now, please excuse me as I enjoy my fake Beeple art while reminiscing the good old 20th century.



March 30, 2021
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