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Artist Shinichi Hara’s very first crypto art (NFT art) work has been released!

” “, a crypto art (NFT) gallery run by Speedy Inc., has released the very first crypto art (NFT) work produced by Shinichi Hara, a contemporary artist who has worked on the key visuals for albums that have sold over 100 million copies in all (including all of Ayumi Hamasaki’s albums), on a marketplace.
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◆Artist’s comment “Art is a human embodiment of the natural energy that has existed on the earth and in the universe for tens of thousands of years. In the 21st century, mankind has successfully transformed this analog energy into a systematic energy that is universally present around the world, i.e., the digital world. The digital world is a world made up of 0’s and 1’s. It is a monochromatic world of black (1) and white (0), reminiscent of a worldview favored by Japanese people. Japan’s monochromatic world of black and white is constituted by the colors of life, death, the divine, and hope. I use black and white to portray the “systems of the world and the individual” through a mode of representation that draws on Oriental spirituality.”
◆Artist profile
Shinichi Hara is a leading contemporary artist in Asia with 35 years of experience. He held his first solo exhibition “SIX/ FIVE/ TWO/GALLERY” in Los Angeles in 1985 after winning the praise of David Hockney. Since then, he has worked on the icons and other key visuals of Ayumi Hamasaki, and he has produced key visuals for albums by her and other musicians that have sold over 100 million copies in all. This is Shinichi Hara’s first attempt at producing crypto art (NFT).
◆Work concept
Name of artwork series: SUPER MASK Series
Since ancient times, mankind has created icons on masks as a new form of communication. These icons encapsulate the spirituality of the times in which they were conceived.
There were around 60 different types of Noh masks in Japan in the early Muromachi period (14th century), and each mask served as an expression of men and women in the past and their ways of life. Please look forward to the kind of mask iconography that can capture our current era of the 21st century.
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Artist Shinichi Hara’s very first crypto art (NFT) has been released