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People in the 21st century must also lead their lives in the virtual world

I get all sorts of ideas when I’m at the gym.
Maybe it’s because my mind goes blank from the constant training, which allows ideas to pour into the empty space.
Recently, I’ve been asked many questions about NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens: digital data items that are issued and distributed on blockchains).
What I can say about NFT art is that it isn’t something that exists as an actual physical object.
However, it still exists in the virtual world, for instance, if we think about how there is an actual market for in-app purchases for online game items. Likewise, when people die from cyberbullying, it’s because words on the Internet exist in the actual minds of people despite these words not having any physical existence. Therefore, we cannot ignore things that only exist virtually.
A long time ago, I watched a program in which Antonio Inoki was offering advice to a celebrity who was a victim of cyberbullying. “Don’t lose sleep over that kind of thing. No one’s looking at the Internet!” he said.
I laughed at the time, but depending on how you think about it, perhaps it’s possible to have the same mindset as people in the 20th century if you don’t know anything about the online world.
However, for most of us, I doubt we would be able to live in the 21st century by relying just on things that exist in the physical world.
*My face and arms are dark from the crop burning I did…