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Playwright, director, and actor Eri Watanabe has opened the Eri Watanabe Office! Speedy, Inc. will serve as the agent.

Playwright, director, and actor Eri Watanabe has opened the Eri Watanabe Office! Speedy, Inc. will serve as the agent. We are confident that Eri will continue to create her uniquely creative world. We look forward to working together, and can’t wait to see what unique projects come up.
【Comment by Eri Watanabe】
The Eri Watanabe Office launched this April. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, I was giving serious thought to what to do with myself in the future. I’m now 66 years old. I felt uncertainty over how many more years I can keep up my creative work. Thinking things through, I decided to amicably part ways from SIS company Inc., which had served as my office for 12 years. I intend to keep on pursuing my own world of creativity all the more. Thinking back, after being born in Yamagata, my first experience with film was being fascinated by seeing “The Red Shoes” when I was two years old.
I was also hit hard by seeing the Tennessee Williams play “The Glass Menagerie” while in high school, which made me long for the theatrical world. Seeing “Sundays and Cybele” at a repertory cinema theater in Yamagata, I dreamed of becoming the director of such films. I want to go back to these original intentions and, through the power of my own imagination, inspire people around the world to be happier.
As in the past, I plan to be active in the theatrical activities of Theatrical Company 3OO (Office 3OO) that I supervise, including television and commercials. The same holds for concerts.
I will continue to create works of my own that let vulnerable persons the world over create a diverse society in which they can be individuals. I ask for your continued support.
【Profile of Eri Watanabe】
Born January 5, 1955 in Yamagata Prefecture.
After being active at Theater Art College Bugei, Seihai Production Department, she founded Theatrical Company 3OO in 1978 and was a driver in the small theater boom.
She currently presides over Office 3OO. In her activities as a playwright, director, and actor, she has released many topical works. “Ge ge ge no Ge/Mabuta no haha,” “Hikaru shunkan/Tsukiyo no dokeshi,” and “Tenshi neko/Tsuki ni nureta te” are available from Hayakawa Publishing Corporation; “Jinsei sodan” is currently serialized in Mainichi Shimbun. She serves as the second President of the Japan Playwrights Association, and is currently expanding her activities beyond the stage to encompass drama, movies, and writing. Among her many awards, she won the Japan Academy Film Prize for Best Supporting Actress in the movie “Shall We Dance?”. She is further expanding into live performances as a singer. From August 2021, she will appear in the comedy “Rougo no shikin ga arimasen.”
Eri Watanabe Official Website
【Speedy, Inc.】
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