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Speedy Farm: Land Improvement Memo~With Gratitude for Jahgalu Soil

Speedy Farm Land Improvement Memo.
Being an amateur is truly dreadful.
As this farm’s soil is mainly South Okinawa’s fertile Jahgalu (Kucha) soil, it is clayey. Unfortunately, the first day I got the Jumbo (power shovel) onto the field that was overgrown with weed, it was after the rain.
I should have tilled the land when it is dry, but I’m a person who likes to do everything in a “Speedy” fashion, so I rushed into it.
As a result, the soil turned into large clumps of clay, making it difficult to plant the saplings. After that, I had to use the tractor to fix it several times, which was unnecessary trouble, in addition to being unable to fully impart the fertility of the Jahgalu soil to the saplings.
So, I had to implement 2 measures. Firstly…
(1) Land improvement for unplanted areas
Scatter “Pearlite” on the soil surface and immediately till the soil with a tractor to a depth of 25cm.
(2) Land improvement for planted areas
Mix 100% Okinawan “Cow & pig dung fully matured compost” and “Pearlite” in a 3:1 ratio.
・Dig out the planted saplings (around 50cm diameter, 50cm deep)
・Return around half of the dug-up soil to make a shallow hole in which to plant the saplings and cover with the improved soil
・Leave some of the roots above ground and cover those with soil (to make ridges)
・Making ridges allow the roots to bask in the sun, helping the roots grow sideways and take root in the soil
・The water retention of the soil right below the tree trunk improves
Once that is done, all we have to do is wait for them to absorb the abundant nutrition in the soil, soak in the wonderful sun of Okinawa, and grow.
It goes without saying that farming can’t be done as quickly as computer programs.
I didn’t know all these things which are seemingly simple and common sense.
It’s a blessing to have the luxury of making lots of mistakes!