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Speedy has officially become the actress Elen’s agent!

As long as show business is an industry, it must undergo digital transformation and continue to grow.

The era of operating only in Minato has well and truly finished. It is now time to be active not only in Japan, but also in places such as China and Hollywood.
Korean production agencies are already focusing on the entire world and enjoying great success.
Also in Japan, the movie “Demon Slayer”became number one at the box office in America. Music, anime, and comics also have content that is now famous worldwide. All that’s left is to think of things from a different angle.
New entertainment can effortlessly cross borders.
We believe that Elen will become a new bridge that connects Japan and China.
Speedy has officially become the actress Elen’s agent!
◆Press release
– Elen’s comment
Hello everyone.
This is the beginning of a new adventure.
It has been 7 years since I first experienced just how amazing acting was while working in my first performance “ATOM With lonely heart” in 2014.
I worked with the agency “Ten Carat” for 10 years.
Everyone in the agency, including the president and managers, always showed me respect and gave me a warm farewell when I decided to leave. Their kindness moved me profoundly and I am full of thanks for all they did for me.
And now it is 2021.
I decided to become an independent actress and am really looking forward to continuing my acting career freely.
In the face of change created by this new era, I feel as though I am about to experience the “excitement” that I first felt while working in my first performance seven years ago all over again.
I’m looking forward to changing how I live life and interacting with this new era.
I hope that you all don’t forget how to “have fun” during this long coronavirus pandemic. It would make me so happy if my acting could help soothe hearts and provide a feeling of relief and happiness in some small way.
My future activities and work will be organized by my new agency Speedy.
My official website is now up and running, so please use the following link for any job requests. Thank you very much.
Elen’s official website
Birthday: April 22nd, 1983
Place of birth: Kyoto prefecture
Height: 162 cm
Special talents: Chinese, Kansai dialect, flute
Qualifications: Herbal medicine instructor
International Esthetic Association – Certification in facial aroma technologies