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Digital nomads: Improvements in digital technology have made it possible for us to work anywhere at any time!

You would think that I’d be having a picnic on the neighboring uninhabited island of Komaka Island, but I was actually having a series of Zoom meetings!
In fact, I was working by picking up signals under the shade of the rock.
The way I spend my time in Okinawa has already gone beyond sightseeing to become more of a “lifestyle,” so there are days when I relax and days when I work.
In fact, the rise of ICT (Internet) has made it possible for us to work anywhere. I can participate in a meeting about NFT held in Estonia, check on the status of our gallery in Los Angeles, and ask about the results of our social media promotion campaign in Beijing, all from the comfort of this uninhabited Okinawan island.
Work is simply a game for us to get results, and it does not have to dictate our location and schedule. I spend the rest of my time swimming, diving, and napping.
This is the first day that Komaka Island is open this year, and it was nice to see that the fish is still in its natural environment and has not gotten used to being fed by people.