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Voicy Radio “Sono Neta Fukayomi Sasete!” (Let me Delve into that Topic!) (Atsushi Fukuda): This time I’ve thought about new rules for vaccine distribution!

The updated Voicy Radio “Vaccine Rhapsody”

Vaccine tourism has started in New York!
The city is vaccinating hoards of domestic tourists.
Broadway will fully reopen from September 1st.

Meanwhile in Japan…

A secretary for the chairman of a major pharmacy chain asks for cities that make large donations to be given priority for vaccinations. Many senior officials claim to be “health care workers” to get vaccinated.

In Ibaraki, Osaka there was an abnormal situation where elderly people lined up all night in order to get vaccinated. Something needs to be done about this kind of polarization.

However, how about trying to come up with ideas using a digital transformation way of thinking?

Firstly, we need to make exceptions to the rules. (Change the game)
Only vaccinate health care workers that are treating Covid-19 patients. Also vaccinate senior officials who are essential to the vaccine rollout.

Then, how about introducing dynamic pricing for rich people?
Make the pre-sale price of the vaccine 100 million yen and then use that money as tax revenue to help those people who can no longer make ends meet due to the Covid-19 recession.

In order to activate future vaccine diplomacy we need to learn how to negotiate in a Jewish way. Japan may not have enough vaccines right now, but by next year we should have more than any other country. Let’s vaccinate foreign tourists who visit Kyoto free of charge. There is no doubt that inbound tourism would take off even more than it did before!

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Voicy Radio “Sono Neta Fukayomi Sasete!” Atsushi Fukuda


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