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Speedy Euro OÜ is 3 years old!

Speedy Euro OÜ
It has been exactly three years since we launched Speedy Euro OÜ in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, in May 2018!
I had a chat with Mr. Argo Kangro, Counselor at the Embassy of Estonia, for the first time in a long time when I met him to renew my “e-Residency,” a residency status in Estonia, an IT superpower.
He told me that Estonia has vaccinated 25% of its population. There are also plans to issue a vaccination certificate as part of an EU initiative aimed at helping tourism recover in the post-COVID era.
Estonia is a stunning European country with many saunas, wonderful restaurants, and natural attractions. It is a 20-minute flight from Helsinki and just 3 hours away from London.
At the same time, it is the most digitally advanced country in the world.
This “e-Residency” system is a residency status that allows global citizens to enjoy the services accessible to Estonians as long as they have made intellectual contributions to the country, even if they do not physically reside in Estonia.
Moreover, the only administrative procedures in Estonia that are paper-based are marriage, divorce, and real estate transactions. This country has fully embraced the SDGs and uses only 3% of the amount of paper used in official documents in the UK.
The government also stores all the medical information of its citizens with the aim of using this data to develop the latest medical treatments and, in the future, allow for preventive medicine through genome editing, etc. By harnessing personal information as data science through its transformation into a platform, the government is contributing to the longevity of its citizens in a science-based manner.
From the perspective of digitally transforming our entire country, Estonia is the country we need to learn the most from in the world.
All the photos besides the first are of our Speedy office in Tallinn. Please come and visit us if you happen to be in the area. Our office is located in the middle of the downtown area.
Speedy Euro Inc.
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