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Evolutionary Thinking.”

I am beginning to read “Evolutionary Thinking.”
I’m already excited about this groundbreaking book, though it seems a poor time to introduce it here, even though I haven’t finished reading it yet.
The author is a specialist in product design, graphic design, architecture, and spatial design. Eisuke Tachikawa is a designer who is active in a variety of fields, crossing borders between design and invention.
In his pursuit of his own “creativity,” he spent 20 years thinking about the evolution of living things. He realized that “creativity” is a natural phenomenon, and this book is the result of his elucidation of its mysteries.
The fact that the book was already in heavy print even before it was released makes this an “incident.
Also arousing interest is the fact that the publisher is a unique publishing house called Ama-no-Kaze, located in Ama-cho, a remote island off the coast of Shimane Prefecture with a population of 2,300!
For more information, please refer to the following article.
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Evolutionary Thinking — “Mutation and Adaptation” to Create a Surviving Concept (Ama no Kaze) Eisuke Tachikawa
The first joint book by Ama-no-Kaze (winds of Ama), a publisher in remote islands, and Eiji Press! Eisuke Tachikawa’s “Evolutionary Thinking,” the long-awaited blockbuster work on “creativity,” will be released on April 21!