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Mindfulness (Zen) is a tool to control one’s mood.

I came to Thermal Spring SPA, a hot spring in Kyoto.
Since the event was in the midst of self-restraint, it was reserved for a private party, but “masks were worn even in the hot spring”.
Painful. Very painful.
But I remembered the words of Toryo Ito, a Zen monk from Ryosokuin who had lunch with us.
Zen is about controlling one’s mood. A bad mood is silent violence. Let’s make ourselves in a good mood through Zen.”
Indeed. It would be some kind of power harassment to be disciplined and goma suri to a grumpy boss.
There used to be a lot of companies where if the boss didn’t leave, they couldn’t leave.
While I was thinking about it, the sauna effect of the “hot spring in a mask” was making me feel better.
◆Introduction of Toryo Ito
Representative Director, InTrip Corporation, Monk / Deputy Priest, Ryosokuin Temple
◆Lunch “Kishin” was the best place to have a great meal. Everyone should try it.
Breakfast Kishin
1F Hana-Toro Hotel Gion, 555 Komatsu-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto