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The seedlings of the world’s first genome-edited tomato have arrived! Agriculture is transforming into an IT industry using biotechnology.

The seedlings of the world’s first genome-edited tomato have arrived!
This tomato is called “Sicilian Rouge High GABA”
and is a high GABA tomato developed by Sanatech Seed Inc., a venture by the University of Tsukuba, the first of such endeavors to receive permission from the Ministry of Health and Welfare.
The genome-edited seeds contain 4–5 times of GABA compared to regular tomatoes. It contains ample amounts of amino acids that are believed to reduce stress and blood pressure.
Professor Hiroshi Ezura of the University of Tsukuba and the Director and CTO of the company said, “This is probably the first commercialization of vegetables that use genome editing technology. I want to sell it in person to real people.”
I believe the following “3+3” factors are essential for the future of agriculture.
Production Factors:
(1) Performance enhancement of crops using genome editing
(2) Optimization of crop cultivation using IoT data analysis
(3) Reduction of labor fees using robotics
Sales Factors:
(1) Super Logistics: Served on the dining table several hours after harvest
(2) D2C: Direct sales from the farm to households through apps like Tabechoku and Pocket Marche
(3) Branding: Contribute to longevity, eco-friendly, beautiful, and creative
I am planning to experiment with cultivating these tomatoes that I got for testing in the soils of the Speedy Farm in Okinawa. (The seedlings I got this time are not available for sale. I believe it won’t be too long before Sanatech Seed Inc. sells it on the market!)
I am also very grateful that I got the opportunity to talk to the President of Sanatech Seed Inc., Shinpei Takeshita.
I can’t wait to taste the tomatoes.