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Speedy Farm: Successfully planted the Tarajo holly!

Speedy Farm: Successfully planted the Tarajo holly!

It is said that 500 years ago, the warriors during the Warring States period sent each other messages by writing on the leaves of the tarajo holly.

In China, it is also known as Kuding tea.
This herbal infusion is traditionally drunk in China since ancient times and is also referred to as “slimming tea”, “beauty tea”, and “longevity tea” due to its many health benefits. The Chinese name literally means “Ku=bitter” and “ding=twisted” and is also known as “single leaf tea” because it is made by twisting a single large leaf into a thin and long tube.

As it is bitter, most insects shun it. Kuding tea made on China’s Hainan island are regarded as the best quality.

◆Kuding tea medicinal properties and health benefits
Reduces inflammation
– Helps disperse heat from the body and effective at relieving high fevers and inflammations
– Also eliminates sputum, relieving coughs and reducing throat inflammation
– Also effective against nasal inflammation, middle ear infections, mouth ulcers, and toothaches

Skincare (Anti-aging)
– As it is rich in flavonoids (antioxidants), it prevents the oxidation of the skin (aging)
– It also has compounds that help retain moisture, keeping your skin smooth and supple

– Relieves constipation and promotes blood flow to reduce blood pressure.
– Removes excess fat in the blood and helps to maintain healthy body weight
– Has excellent diuretic effects and improves metabolism to reduce swelling.

◆How to brew Kuding tea
Before brewing the tea, the key is to add a small number of tea leaves and wash them with hot water to make it easier for the compounds inside the leaves to seep out. Then, add 300–400ml for every 1–2 tea leaves and let it brew for 1–2 minutes. When brewing with a kettle, 1 stick is enough for 1L of water!

I’m very excited to cultivate it as it is quite a challenging plant to grow!