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More “likes” surely means greater happiness for humankind.

More “likes” surely means greater happiness for humankind.

Oceans, mountains, and plains—I like them all. Living things, stars, wind—I like all of these too. I like art, cryptocurrencies, and bars. I like browsing the web, going to parties, and traveling.

If you have a lot of “likes,” you won’t ever get bored. “Likes” instantly fill your head with curiosity. Curiosity, surely, is like an OS that produces countless “like” apps.

To ensure that your curiosity doesn’t wear out, you need to upgrade it from time to time. Like with other operating systems, upgrading your curiosity OS requires a certain amount of development time. Reading books, meeting strangers, and traveling can stimulate your senses and lead to upgrades.

Focus on filling your life with what you “like.” The “likes” should not be a reward for your suffering.
I respect the freedom that is found in the pursuit of “likes.”