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Speedy Resorts Status: Design Meetings for 3rd Construction Zone (Sauna Area) commenced!

Speedy Resorts Status

The design meetings for the 3rd construction zone have finally commenced.
The 1st construction zone consists of the main building itself. The 2nd construction zone consists of the infinity pool and exteriors. The 3rd construction zone is related to the Löyly sauna.
Basically speaking, I want to incorporate my favorite parts about “Löyly”, Finland’s (Helsinki) “sauna right by the sea”, and Saunachelin’s No. 1, “Mifuneyama Rakuen”, in Takeo.

I prefer a plaster finish instead of wood for the Löyly sauna. For the cold bath, I want to have a string that will drop a bucketload of water onto you when it’s pulled like in Dorifu (a classic Japanese comedy TV show). There will be a cold and hot Goemon-style bath (of course, it will be made with the mold owned by Hiroshima’s Yamato Heavy Industries which I provided consultation for.)

In the “Totonoi” space, I want to install a comfy chair from SIXINCH.
In the future, I want to make it possible to let guests jump into the sea at Hyakuna Beach, like Finland’s sauna ritual.

↓This is “Löyly”, the sauna right by the sea in Finland (Helsinki)

↓This is “Löyly”, the sauna right by the sea in Finland (Helsinki) https://www.instagram.com/loylyhelsinki/
↓”Mifuneyama Rakuen Hotel” in Takeo, Saga
↓Design plan draft. Still in the works.