Speedy NEWS

Speedy Farm (Speedy Farm #2): Speedy Farm is expanding its area and business operations!

Speedy Farm #2

We were clearing uncultivated land with a huge, imposing Yumbo machine! Isn’t it cool?
We have been approaching various people to see if it’s possible to expand the area of our farm.

We are hoping to increase its area to 3ha (3 hectares is 10,000 tsubo or 30,000㎡) as soon as possible.
Incidentally, the average area of farms in Japan is 3ha.
It is not easy to find a farm with an area of 1,000 tsubo (0.3ha or 3,000㎡) in Japan as flat land is rare and distributed unevenly.

As long as agriculture remains a business, larger cultivation areas will give rise to higher profit margins. The development of robotics that can take over manual labor will cause labor costs to decline and allow products to be produced at competitive prices! That’s precisely where we need to start.
I’m getting all excited listening to the sound of the Yumbo machine doing its job. To be continued…

◆ References
Countries ranked according to their average cultivation area per farm (combined statistics from 2016 to 2018)
1. Australia (4,200ha)
2. United States (180ha)
3. Israel (100ha, estimated)
4. United Kingdom (90ha)
5. Germany (61ha)
6. France (61ha)
7. Belgium (37ha)
8. Netherlands (32ha)
9. Japan (3ha)

↓Before clearing


↓Bringing in the Yumbo!


↓After the land has been leveled