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Food waste reduction project: The appeal of off-spec vegetables!

In August, I was asked to give a talk in Okinawa on “businesses of the future” for companies in the prefecture, and I had a lunch meeting with the producers Mei Sonoda (Crystal LAB) and Asaka Yamashiro (EB Ma TV Channel) at the restaurant Vegetarica.

Our conversation led us to discuss the topic of agriculture.

Both of them are not only involved in social media outreach and public relations work in Okinawa but are also members of various food-related blog projects.

I was interested in their blog project aimed at eliminating food waste as it was something that I thought I could contribute to.
A large amount of off-spec vegetables are being disposed of in this current age when we have access to a large variety of vegetables.
But these off-spec vegetables actually taste really good too! In fact, precisely because they are off-spec, they allow us to experience new kinds of flavors.
Just by looking at photos, we can enjoy the sight of these vegetables with different shapes and sizes, each with its own personality.
As with human beings, these vegetables are simply wonderful because they are so unique.

I also took the chance to snap some photos of sheep grazing freely in the field in front of the restaurant!

Okinawa is amazing!
We are recruiting 100 volunteers for the free tasting of food samples for the commercialization of jam made from “off-spec vegetables,” a hidden source of food waste.

“Eliminating hidden food waste with the jam of Shinoan! Embracing local production for local consumption and the SDGs”

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