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Contemplating Potential for Custom EV: Japan Dynamics=”China Dynamics” on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

We had a chat with Wang Huai Dong, the President of “Japan Dynamics”, a subsidiary of China Dynamics, traded on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, that plans to expand into Japan.

China Dynamics dominates a large market share in China’s EV bus and truck sales. From EV buses in Hong Kong and the Phillipines to the supercar JV (Strategic Partnership with W Motors) in Dubai, they have expanded horizontally with core expertise in the EV platform.

Mr. Wang is a Doctor of Medicine and headed the delegation for the “Chinese diplomatic visits to Japan” in the past.

While we discussed various topics, it isn’t interesting enough to introduce their EV camping cars and supercars to Japan.

So, he thought of partnering with Japanese entrepreneurs interested in luxury brands and building one-and-only custom cars. In the age of EV cars, we no longer need heavy duty and large factories seen in the 20th century. We can now design and build our dream car as if they were Lego blocks.

Therefore, we could even establish a car manufacturer called Speedy Car. How exciting.

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China Dynamics Forms JV in Dubai to Develop EV Business