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My Manifesto Draft: While enjoying a Yamazaki whisky…

Drinking a Yamazaki “Limited Edition 2021” (unfiltered whisky aged in new Japanese Mizunara oak barrels) while considering CO2 emissions.

Great bars have lots of limited edition Yamazaki whiskies. I came up with this manifesto in one such paradise.

・Turn the rooftops of all buildings in the city into either crop or solar farms.

・Create a system to distribute all the excess food from restaurants and supermarkets to nearby temples or the needy, for free.

・Allow stalls to be set up along all pedestrian streets that are of a certain width.

・Ban all taxis that do not accept cashless payments.

・Give out tablets installed with individual number card and Suica card to people over 65 years old.

・Ban tests for grade schools and teach them to play naturally.

・For junior high school and beyond, offer them the choice of elite education and make the fee half.

・People who vote in elections more will get higher pension payments.

・Allow people to pay for taxes and all public services with cryptocurrency.