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Damien Hirst poses the ultimate choice between NFT art and physical art

Calling all fans of art and cryptocurrency! Damien Hirst has designed the ultimate loyalty test for you! (laughs)

Hironao Kunimitsu has said that he couldn’t believe how many people can’t do the simple thing of continuing to believe in the future of Bitcoin, and he warned against the tendency of those who are vacillating between buying and selling cryptocurrency in the short term. The price fluctuations of cryptocurrency are so dramatic that they reveal our true human nature. Instead of going from elation in one moment to despair in the next, perhaps some people are better off putting their money in their savings account.

For fans of art, it’s unclear if NFT is simply an extension of media art. It may just be the case that demand is being stimulated by the assumption that NFT art has asset value because Christie’s is auctioning it.

The future of cryptocurrency is a question of whether we have the ability to believe in the future of technology, the future of liberalism (a decentralized society), and the future of our civilization.

Against this backdrop, Damien Hirst’s new NFT project, “The Currency,” is extremely fascinating.

Based on his spot artwork created in 2016, “The Currency” comprises 10,000 spot paintings handmade by Hirst (each worth around 200,000 yen)! Hirst said that he had to make these based on the idea that he is printing paper money, so he made 10,000 prints and watermarked them. That’s amazing! He probably almost went crazy doing that, but I’m sure he could hang in there because he would earn 2 billion yen if he were to sell all of them!

The title of each of the 10,000 prints was randomly generated by AI from the lyrics of Hirst’s favorite songs.

All the works are also equipped with nine anti-counterfeiting security features (to prove that both the paper-based and NFT works are unique).

These features include the artist’s signature, a show-through region, handmade paper, microdots, embossment, a handwritten title, a watermark of the artist, a hologram, and a watermark of the “Hirst” logo. What an array of features to verify the authenticity of each unique work!


Multiple features of the prints also serve to fully showcase their rarity.

Each work is accompanied by a unique history that includes an analysis of the number of dots, colors, texture, density, overlaps, etc., and this information is also converted into NFT. A database has been created so that the properties of each work can be easily found by performing a search.


Hirst’s works can be purchased with either cryptocurrency or a credit card, but buyers have to choose between the NFT version and the physical version of the work. If you choose the NFT version, the physical version will be destroyed! In an interview, Hirst had said with a chuckle, “What if everyone chooses the NFT version?”

Which one will you choose? Obviously, I’d go for the NFT version!


Price :  2,000 USD

Medium :  Paint on handmade paper

Size: 20cm x 30cm, 2016

Blcockchain : PALM