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What Producers Should Do to Catch Geniuses in the City: The Case of Hiroyuki Ohashi

13 years ago, I discovered a genius manga artist in Kichijoji.

He is Hiroyuki Ohashi, who would go on to become the writer for Zokki (released April 2nd, 2021), the film directed by Naoto Takenaka, Takayuki Yamada, and Takumi Saitoh.

I still remember it clearly to this day. (The blog from August 30th, 2008 is still available! It is listed below.)

Around midnight, on the way back from having dinner with Kazuo Umezu Sensei, I discovered Shukan Ohashi (Weekly Ohashi) by Ohashi-san in BASARA BOOKS, the small book store (that used to be) in Kichijoji, and became very excited when I read it!

Although he was covering the publishing costs himself, he had printed 4 issues already. Apparently, he started printing his manga himself because he was applying to all sorts of competitions by manga magazines without any success.

I called him the day after my exciting discovery so that we could meet. In January of the following year (2009), I produced and electronically published 3 works of his: Onna Shujinko no Hanashi (Story With a Female Protagonist), Geta (Japanese Wooden Sandal), and Ano Heya (That Room).

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