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“Masayume”, the Giant Hot Air Balloon Art by Contemporary Art Team, “mé”

While scrolling through my social media as I woke up this morning, I found out that “Masayume”, a giant hot air balloon art by the contemporary art team, “mé”, had mysteriously appeared in Yoyogi Park, so I went to see it in the evening…

It was laid down resting with the hot air released, so I got this photo from someone else. I wish I saw it in the air with my own eyes.

This giant face is of Haruka Kojin, a team member of “mé” who came up with this idea in her dream when she was 14 years old. “It is nothing short of a miracle that we managed to pull this off during this difficult period. Everyone did their best to create this instance to strip away all the logic and rationalizing. We hope this scene will give people the ability to have creative imaginations”

Seeing this art reminded me of ABE Kobo’s short story “Laughing Moon” (1975). The author kept on having this terrifying dream when he was a grade-schooler of being chased down by a 1.5 diameter laughing moon that had the face of a Kao soap. Thinking back on it as an adult, he came to the realization that “dreams may be supplementary engines that help power subconscious (creative) thoughts.” The fact that Abe Kobo was not at all interested in the true identity of the laughing moon taught me the importance of being in the moment and enjoying it to the fullest.

It resonates with Kojin’s idea of “stripping away all the rationalizing”. While our face is our identity as humans, deep fakes and social media have made even our faces nameless in this age and time. Everyone and anyone can swap their faces for someone else’s.

Seeing this huge face floating in the sky when I woke up blew all logic out of the window and it is delightful to see art being used to boldly depict the absurdity of the world we live in now.

This may be the perfect time to come up with wildly fantastic and energetic creative imaginations.

Part of the Tokyo FESTIVAL Special 13 event organized by the Public Interest Incorporated Foundation “Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture Art Council Tokyo”.

“Hobohi” The art team “mé”, which drew attention with their outlandish exhibits at the Chiba City Museum of Art, will be launching a “huge face” into the skies of Tokyo. Without advance notice and out of the blue, too. When? Whose face? What a thrilling experiment! Vol. 1 “The dream I had as a junior high schooler.”

◆Mé ”Just a World”
Period: July 6 (Tue)–August 7 (Sat), 2021
Info: https://www.scaithebathhouse.com

Book “Laughing Moon (1975)” ABE Kobo