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What came over me? A full account of my SMS phishing stupidity

I’m writing this post because I want all of you to sympathize with me.
I’m really stupid.

A few weeks ago, my MacBook (12-inch, 2017) ran out of space, so I ordered a new MacBook from the Apple Store and arranged to have it arrive in Okinawa. Each day, I received an email stating that, due to the typhoon, the delivery would be delayed.
Then, yesterday, just when I was thinking that it would arrive today or tomorrow, I received an SMS. Not an email.
“Due to bad weather, we may not be able to deliver your ordered item on time,” and so on. There was “Apple” in the link, so I clicked on the URL and entered my Apple ID … I’m so stupid … stupid, stupid!
I want to erase everything that happened after that from my memory. Or, rather, I want to return to who I was 20 minutes before that.

The Apple ID I had used for years and years was stolen and became inaccessible. A few minutes later, my Apple ID was in the hands of a Chinese person. (I received an email about my account being accessed from China.)
I immediately looked for a way to stop the registered credit card and recover my account. However, I discovered that it is no longer possible to return to my past life. All the data in my iCloud are gone. For every single device (two iPhones, a MacBook, an iPad mini, and an iPad Pro).

If I do not go through the steps to remove the Activation Lock on the devices, I will never be able to use them again.

To remove the Activation Lock, I have to go through a maddening process of preparing documents such as the certificate from the Los Angeles store where I purchased a device. There are many phishing scams now, so this takes over 30 days. The Apple ID I used for many years can never be used again, for the rest of my life. My AirDrop is unusable too, and so is my Suica card, which was linked to my Apple Wallet. Having to transfer several years of photo data from my iPhone is also a terrible headache.

For 15 minutes, I shouted at the sea. Then I was depressed for about five minutes. This experience probably cost me 10,000 soul points.
Then, I did a review. No one is bad. Only I am bad. So there is no reason to get angry. And the past never comes back, so there’s no point in lamenting over things forever.

All things move forward in their time. We cannot rewind time or freeze it. All we can do is progress …
Then, at dawn, I took a boat out to the uninhabited coral island of Kuefu and looked around. I’m such a tiny existence. Perhaps, without realizing it, I was under the illusion that the digital world was more important than the real one.

Even while I am in anguish over past data, the sun does its round, and the moon rises. Birds sing with the morning sun, and, at night, fireflies blink their little lights.

Now that I’ve become like the admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, who had his codes broken during the war, I should think of this as a success in information minimalism.

I am still stained with regret, but there’s no point in thinking about something I can’t control. Instead, I want to forget about it quickly and overwrite my brain with new memories and experiences. Thinking about things this way suddenly fills me with a strange energy.
I believe that writing a post here can help to purge this stupid experience.
At any rate, I’m so stupid …