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Thoughts after having my Apple ID stolen

The other day, due to an unexpected accident (I am so stupid …) Mr. F, also known as Admiral Isoroku Fukuda, lost all his past data and exposed his ignorance to the world. He received messages of encouragement from friends all over the world and felt better. It was like, after forgetting his lunch, he then received bits of all his classmates’ lunches and ended up with a more luxurious meal.

To summarize …

1. I repented of my digital devotion to Apple and learned the vital lesson of distributing and preserving valuable data across Google, Amazon, Dropbox, and even my hard disk.
– … However, now that I think I don’t need the past anymore, I don’t plan to take any measures. Bwahaha.

2. Apple has been suffering from phishing theft of Apple IDs, so they should improve their handling of making all devices unusable.
– Considering the complexity of and wait time (over 30 days) for removing the Activation Lock on devices, I decided to throw away all my Apple devices! Bwahaha. I bet you didn’t expect that! I’m not going to wait.

3. From an extremely elevated point of view, we need to reconsider the centralized HTTP protocol and create an era of decentralized management with IPFS (InterPlanetary File System).
– This is a wonderful discovery. IPFS is a protocol that operates on P2P (peer-to-peer) networks. These kinds of things happen because the treasure is stored in a bank vault. With decentralization, things will be 100 times more difficult for thieves, and they won’t be able to do as much damage.

4. And, the final lesson: renounce the world … The path of spirituality. Move from the digital to a more human way of living! (This sounds great, but it just means throwing away the digital and focusing more on playing outdoors, haha.)

– A zen quote: “Let go, and it will fill your hand.”
I see.
Listen, feel, and live the “now.”
Become one with nature.

– A healer and teacher of mine said, “By throwing away your past digital data, you increased your soul level from 40,000 souls to 60,000!” I was able to optimize my life even more.

5. Conclusion
When I get old, I’ll grow senile and lose my memory anyway, so I should train myself to start forgetting now.
If you’re serious about digital minimalism, be willing to click on mysterious SMS links!
You’ll be able to reset your life in an instant, haha.
If that’s impossible for you, I recommend going to an uninhabited island in Okinawa, staring up at the sky, and becoming “nothing.”

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