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“Non-standard” vegetables and fruits are truly the best agricultural produce!

The neighborhood local supermarket “Kariyushi Market”

When there is nothing, there is nothing. It is inconvenient, but is this not normal?
In particular, there is not much that can be harvested in summer in Okinawa and farmers are relaxing as well, so naturally, there is no agricultural produce lining the shelves in the supermarket.

In supermarkets in cities, regardless of the season, most ingredients are available. Thinking that this is the norm makes me shudder.
Distributors have pursued everyone’s convenience and desires for many years.
I think that the result of this is that products that are impossible during periods that are impossible in nature are made available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
From now on, there is no need to be open for 24 hours and if there are things that cannot be harvested during the season, let us wait for the next season!
If we do not do that, many “non-standard” products will continue to be produced in the future. “Non-standard” vegetables are not products that are so damaged or old that they cannot be eaten. It is just a rule decided by distribution (everyone’s desires made it that way). That is why cucumbers that are about 1cm too short are considered “non-standard”. Furthermore, because the default pesticides are used to force the products to last longer, they are bad for the body.

I think those within standards are more “non-standard’ to humans.

I will say this again. “Non-standard” products are not damaged or third-rate, but chemical-free and organic first-rate products that farmers think are the best.
I would like to start a service distributing these “amazing non-standard” vegetables and fruits all over Asia.

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