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“denen Okinawa” brings the authentic flavors of vegetables and fruits to customers

Hanae Matsushima, who runs the coupon website “pokepo,” had introduced me to Yoko Misawa of “denen Okinawa,” and I was able to visit her office.

“denen Okinawa” is located in Yaese in southern Okinawa. It’s only 15 minutes away from our Nanjo villa!

Vegetables and fruits harvested from the fertile land of Okinawa are transported here from dedicated farmers all over Okinawa. Misawa leads the farmers by emphasizing her agricultural principles, including how to farm in a way that takes into account environmental factors such as the lunar phases and the tides. She had launched this project with excitement last year after she was finally able to take a break from her childcare responsibilities.

Misawa told me that the crops handled at “denen Okinawa” come in all shapes and sizes, but they cannot be classified as “substandard.” Of course, what’s important is the taste and quality of the crops, and not their size, but even something this self-evident must have been refreshing for the farmers to hear. As a result of working with wholesalers for many years, standards have been developed for aspects of crops that have nothing to do with their taste or other essential qualities, with some items that have been painstakingly produced deemed “substandard.” It seems to me that this project was born out of a sense of outrage at this situation.
Farmers supply crops according to these standards, but even cucumbers that miss the standards by as little as 1cm will not be distributed. Even though the crops grow freely in a natural environment, these absurd rules continue to cripple the way people think.
The crops transported to “denen Okinawa” are not measured against these standards.
The freezer here was manually built by cutting an existing shipping container. Everyone had also worked together to set up the office by utilizing the furnishings available.
The fresh and safe fruits and vegetables produced by these dedicated farmers using no chemical fertilizers and little or no pesticides really stood out to me.
It would be great if the crops grown at Speedy Farm can also be handled by a wonderful place like this.