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3 Measures to Avoid the Delta Variant of the Coronavirus

From a desert island with love…
It is better to get about 15 minutes of sunlight each day to build your resistance! Although I had been getting more than that…

The following is information I received from a friend who is a doctor.
Since the Delta variant is spreading rapidly through urban areas, it would be best for everybody to always keep the following items handy just in case, even if you have been fully vaccinated.
If you have to recuperate at home with a coronavirus infection, you can stave it off to some extent if you prepare and take the following 3 items.
These were the items that former President Trump’s team of doctors administered to him when he was infected with the coronavirus.

(1) Take zinc, which is contained in foods like oysters! Take 50mg a day when you are exhausted. Normally take about 10mg.
Zinc Gluconate (50mg) 250 tabs

(2) Vitamins C and D
In terms of Vitamin C, anything with over 1,000mg would be fine. In terms of Vitamin D, a supplement with about 50mg would be good.
GoCLN High Purity Vitamin D 2000IU

(3) Famotidine (Although it is sold as medicine to treat heartburn, it surprisingly has the ingredients for treatment)
◆Reference News From Outside Japan: Tests Begin for Famotidine As COVID-19 Treatment

The following is a Japanese over-the-counter drug that contains this substance.
Kunihiro Famotidine Tablets: Online Sales of 12 Tablets

Even if you have been fully vaccinated, you should protect yourself from the Delta variant.
By the way, the probability of a fully-vaccinated person getting a serious case of coronavirus (Delta variant) infection is 1.2%
My message to the youth is to get vaccinated💉

“Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19): Presentation of the Latest Evidence” – From Neurology (August 7th)