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Do you know the difference between cinnamon and Nikki?

Do you know the difference between cinnamon and Nikki?

I found out that “Karagi tea” (also known as “Nikki” in Okinawa), an herbal tea from Kunigami down in Okinawa, is almost the same as cinnamon tea, but the taste of Karagi tea is stronger!

Cinnamon and Nikki are both spices extracted from the same tree, the cinnamon tree of the Lauraceae family.

Cinnamon takes two years to grow because it is made from the dried bark of a Ceylon cinnamon tree from Sri Lanka.

Nikki, on the other hand, is made from the roots of the Okinawa cinnamon tree. It has a sweet smell like cinnamon, but it also has a strong spicy taste.

It takes 15 years to grow, and the roots are dug up by hand, so the production takes a lot of work. That’s why, in recent years, people have started using the leaves for tea instead of using the roots.

So, the difference between cinnamon and Nikki is whether the bark or roots are used, and the place of origin.

However, since the production of the Okinawa cinnamon tree is very limited, seedlings are rare and hard to come by, but I would still like to get some from my acquaintance in Kunigami and grow them on Speedy Farm.