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Otsuka Shokai AppleCLIP/Podcast “DX: A Glimpse into our Times” Conceptor: Naoki Sakai

Naoki Sakai appeared on the radio to speak about the half of his life that led up to the publication of “Living Through the Time of Corona” (co-authored with Jun Fukuda). It’s a podcast, so you can listen to it on your smartphone with no hassle at all!


Otsuka Shokai AppleCLIP #459 “DX: A Glimpse into our Times”
Conceptor: Naoki Sakai

Part 1

Part 2

Episode Summary
In this week’s AppleCLIP, we welcome conceptor Naoki Sakai via Zoom for a discussion entitled “DX: A Glimpse into our Times” that stretches over the next two weeks. Naoki Sakai was known for a tattoo-themed T-shirt he designed that was a big hit on the West Coast of the United States, home of the hippie movement, and the Be-1, a cute little round yellow car, during the bubble era. The Be-1 made waves around the world, influencing the development of such iconic vehicles as the Pao, Figaro and Rasheen. Sakai has also designed cameras and watches, and has appeared on numerous television programs under the title of “conceptor” to worldwide acclaim. Long the type of visionary leader to adapt and move with the changing times, Sakai has recently shifted toward consulting on DX (digital transformation), an evolution from physical objects to digital concepts and constructions.
In addition, we discuss what his books on DX (“Curiosity and Innovation” and “Breezing thru DX”) are all about. You’ll be truly inspired by the story of a man who managed to master IT in his 70s to surge to the forefront of IT and DX.

◆”Breezing thru DX” (Koryosha Books) by Naoki Sakai and Atsushi Fukuda