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BUTSUGAKU – Butsugaku Research Institute “Living in the Post-COVID Era With All Five Senses” Lecture: Atsushi Fukuda

BUTSUGAKU – Butsugaku Research Institute
I was invited to give a lecture at Butsugaku Research Institute, the historic salon that is led by the architect and product designer Masayuki Kurokawa.
This is a prestigious research institute that has continued to be in operation for 23 years since 1998. Managers of the Product Planning and Design departments of Japanese design firms regularly gather here. What an honor!

Butsugaku (object science) is a field of study aimed at creation that attempts to capture everything in the environment, including tools, furniture, and buildings, under the same concept in order to think about the lives and environments of humans in a comprehensive manner.

Through my lecture “Living in the Post-COVID Era With All Five Senses,” I spoke about the inevitability of history that unbelievable innovations will come about in the post-COVID era as a result of the advances in digital transformation brought about by the pandemic, while presenting specific examples. Since the members have an intellectual level that is far superior to mine, the question and answer session was stimulating and fun.

Pictured are Masayuki Kurokawa and Sho Kurokawa, the organizer.
Footage of the lecture is scheduled to be made available later through the following link. Please sign up by all means.

Butsugaku Research Institute Online 01