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The Coming Singularity in the Paralympics: The Miracle of Markus Rehm

The day of technological singularity is already here, isn’t it?

Last night, Markus Rehm (33, Germany), who holds the world record of 8.62 meters, won the men’s long jump at the Paralympics.

Markus Rehm, a long jumper with a blade-type leg prosthesis, won the German national championships in 2014, beating out able-bodied athletes. Since then, he has been dubbed to use “technical doping” (tool doping).

The Olympism (Olympian spirit) advocated by Coubertin is “to improve one’s mind and body through sports, to overcome various differences in culture and nationality, and to contribute to the realization of a peaceful and better world through friendship, solidarity, and the spirit of fair play.” Participating in the Games on a country-by-country basis is itself contrary to the Olympian spirit. Moreover, there is no need to separate the Olympics from the Paralympics.

Shintaro Ishihara said his reason for bidding for the Tokyo Olympics was “to show the Japanese people the wonderful bodies and minds of the world.” That’s right. The main theme is to raise human and health awareness by showing people in all positions giving their best.

In “Miracle Body Part 3: Awaken Your Unknown Abilities” broadcast by NHK in 2016, NHK scientifically analyzed Markus Rehm’s body and brain from various angles to find out why he can make amazing jumps. The brain functions that have developed due to the loss of his lower right leg, and the unique way he uses his body, show the infinite possibilities of the human body.

In other words, it proved that Rehm has one of the best physical abilities in the world, whether he has an prosthetic leg or not.

I have never watched the Olympics since I was born, and I have no intention of watching a concession-ridden Olympics in the future. However, if I were to find meaning in the future Olympics, I think it could be wonderful if we could truly show the world our amazing abilities as human beings by abolishing the national categories and integrating the Olympics and Paralympics.


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