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“Fake- There is Something Real Among the Fake” Produced By: Speedy Inc.

I will be producing a very unique art exhibition. This exhibition revisits traditional Japanese art owned by Den Juro. There will be a talk show with special guest and a good friend of mine, painter/actress, Ms. Yuki Ninagawa. The talk show will be held on June 20th 7:30pm.

The reception party will be free of charge, with finger food and drinks, I look forward to seeing you all.


Exhibition name: “Fake- There is something real among the fake”
Date: June 20th to June 23rd.
Reception Party: June 20th from 7pm.
Location: TC Gallery
Chuo-ku, Tokyo Tsukishima 1 chome 14-7
Organized by: Den Juro
Produced by: Speedy Inc.

“No matter how much Trump yells about fake news, it doesn’t mean that we get less “real news”. It is countless. The individual decides whether it is real or fake.

I was introduced to Mr. Toda, who is the president of Den Juro, through an acquaintance.
Mr. Toda’s father was an art dealer for 34 years, in which recently he inherited his art collection. Mr. Toda had the art collection examined by a professional. Unfortunately, among them were identified as fake and thought that these collections were worthless. When I saw the works, I decided to see it from a new and contemporary perspective rather than the traditional art context. I re-evaluated the works and wondered if it would be a good idea to question “what is genuine?” to society.

So, what do you think, do they look fake to you?”

– Atsushi Fukuda, Producer of “Fake”