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“Stop! Child Labor Campaign” by NGO [ACE] feat, Speedy, Inc.


Speedy Inc., is focused to end child labor. That is why we sponsor “Stop! Child Labor Campaign” with President Yuka Iwatsuki of ACE: “Protecting Children in the World from Child Labor NGO”.

Did you know? Some of the clothes you wear or chocolate you eat might have come from children who are forced into child labor. There are 150 million children around the world who might be targeted to child labor due to poverty. These children are not able to receive an education and deprived of opportunities. Moreover, they are in danger of disease or injury due to the hazardous labor in which they are employed.

How would you feel if your child or children were in this situation? I would not be able to bear it. If we do not give opportunities to our future children, then we cannot evolve as humanity. I hope you can make a contribution and donate to this organization.


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