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An exhibition for painter Hideki Kimura (Ki-Yan) as a contemporary artist: is it possible?

I visited the studio of Hideki Kimura, also known as Ki-Yan. He is now 79.

I last met him two and a half years ago, before the coronavirus pandemic. His creative drive has only increased since then!

As a producer for rock events and musicians since the 60s, Ki-Yan laid the foundations for Japanese rock together with artists like Yuya Uchida, Joe Yamanaka, Fujio Yamaguchi and Char.

He helped realize a live performance by the genius Frank Zappa at Kyoto University’s Seibu Auditorium, and produced a world rock concert with Mountain, Paparaldi, Jeff Beck and the New York Dolls at Kyoto’s Maruyama Park Concert Hall.

In 2002, at the age of 60, he suddenly declared himself a painter. Kimura, who will soon celebrate the 20th anniversary of his painting career, has rejected gallerists and frames, instead painting more than 200 murals on walls all over Japan.

Now, with his 80th birthday approaching, I’ve been asked about the possibility of an exhibition for “art of the contemporary artist Hideki Kimura,” featuring the punk art of Ki-Yan. It seems impossible, but can we make it happen? Stay tuned!

For reference
・The left side of the photo is a picture of gorillas, painted in front of the gorillas at Kyoto Zoo.
・The center is a painting on a sliding door dedicated to Shoren-in Temple.
・The right is a recent work at Ki-Yan Stuzio.