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Only Altruism can save the planet!

I am thinking about this as I look at the earth again.
Isn’t the development of civilization and the maintenance of the earth’s natural environment inherently contradictory activities?
Urbanization of the world is unnatural for the original earth. But that doesn’t mean we can go back to the Edo period.
Until the early 19th century, when the population of this planet was about one billion, both the earth and the human race had a comfortable relationship.
In the 20th century, however, with the invention of electricity, gas, cars, and airplanes, the population exploded due to the free movement of people and efficient harvesting of crops. As a result, the 21st century saw global warming, outbreaks of disease, and other ecological systems rattled.
It is important for humanity to make decisions and take action in the future, but at present we have no choice but to proceed with what is being discussed at COP26.
Whether or not humanity can continue to live on this beautiful planet depends on whether or not people can transform themselves from selfishness to altruism (Altruism).
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