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Announcement of New Advisor Mr. Takaharu Ando by Speedy,Inc.

Announcement of New Advisor

Speedy, Inc. (Head office: Tokyo, Minato-ku, President Atsushi Fukuda) has announced that Mr. Takaharu Ando has been appointed as an advisor.

After entering the National Police Agency(NPA), Mr. Ando was later appointed as chief of the NPA. After his retirement, he has been advising various companies as an external corporate director and advisor. With his extensive experiences, Mr. Ando will illuminate our path to expand our business philosophy, “to create the society in which we live freely, where ideas are able to expand in our world”.


Comment from Mr. Ando:
“I am looking forward to support Speedy in enhancing overall corporate values of companies in Japan”.

After enrollment to NPA, Mr. Ando served as Chief Secretary of the Embassy of Japan in France, Chief of Gunma Prefectural Police Headquarters, Head of Public Security Department of the Metropolitan Police Department(MPD), Chief Secretary of MPD, Deputy Commissioner-General of the NPA, and appointed as Chief of NPA on June 2009.
After his retirement, he has also been an advisor for Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd., Nitori Holdings Co., Ltd., Zensho Holdings Co., Ltd., Tobu Railway Co., Ltd., and external advisor for other companies.
In 2011 he received an award from French Minister of Culture and Communication, “Legion d’honneur Chevalier”. This award is given to those who are contributing to economic and cultural exchange between Japan and France.

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■ Company Profile: Speedy is a company that creates strategies and practices that enhance corporate brand value based on the idea of entertainment. With bases in Japan, Europe, the United States and China, we are expanding globally.

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