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Thoughts on Beijing. Beijing is a crucial part of the future and possibly the most advanced in the world.

Thoughts on Beijing

– I was last here 2 months ago, and the city has changed again.
– I have said this before, but you don’t need a wallet, or a credit card. Most likely you won’t be able to use it. All payments are done through Alipay or WeChatPay.
– With no cash, there are no use for banks. Credit cannot be used without linking it to a Chinese bank.
– Alipay and WeChat are significantly different from the cashless systems we have in Japan. I can deposit money into a savings account. Interest rates are high. There is no point in depositing money into a bank when you have to pay for extra charges.
– Face recognition is used more, which means the use of smartphones may decrease.
– The use of QR is out dated. There are other ways to tag and authenticate 300,000 places of the human body.
– Starbucks has rapidly become unpopular due to lining up and waiting in the store for orders. “luckin coffee” has taken over with quick access of ordering from your smartphone and simply just picking it up from the store. The stores are small and efficient with more than 2,000 stores around.
– Food and drinks in China are more amusing compared to Japan. This may be because charming people make more profit.
– Men who are fair and physically bigger may appear as wealthy, whereas men who are thinner may appear as poor.



CEO of HIGO, Yirong Xu, is from an IT background and uses data science to develop apparel. Their office is very artistic and modern.


A stylish and luxury hotel, The Opposite House, designed by Japanese architect, Kengo Kuma.

Speedy China Team. Everyone is bright!


WeChatPay has MiniFund where you can deposit money and receive 2.54% interest. We can see that WeChat and Alipay are not just cashless services but banks.


Art in the city created by an art enthusiast.

Hotel Éclat, Beijing. Created by an art lover who loves Dali’s sculpture works. There is also a contemporary art collection.

Dazu Plaza Shopping Center. A new way of shopping when you put the product into the cart it automatically calculates and completes payment without the need of a smartphone, just facial recognition. How cool!


7-hour wait for the famous cream cheese tea, at Kicha. A popular item where you can enjoy cheesecake and fruit juice beverages.

Opera at the Chinese National Grand Theater. Full house of 2000 seats.




Mr. Naoki Sakai, chairman of Speedy Inc and a well-known industrial designer, has translated a number of books and has been recognized at one of the book stores and was asked for an autograph!

DiDi, China’s Uber, has come to pick me up in a Tesla. Beijing is so fancy!


“luckin coffee” uses smartphones to purchase your order before picking it up. It replaces Starbuck’s waiting time, maybe they will have to copy their idea?

As mentioned before, Beijing is a crucial part of the future and possibly the most advanced in the world.