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SURF – iNK Namiboku] Los Angeles solo exhibition of Tsuchiya Akitsune, a very popular contemporary artist in Asia.

We’re having an art party in LA! 🎉🍾

‘SURF – iNK Namiboku’ Akitsune Tsuchiya

Solo exhibition in Los Angeles by Tsuchiya Akitsune, a very popular contemporary artist in Asia.

Suiboku-ga is an art technique that originated in Asia around the 10th century. In addition to writing characters, ink is used as a surface or blurring. It developed as an art form expressing shading and lightness/darkness.

All of Japan is surrounded by the sea, and there are countless rivers blessed with clean water in abundant forests.
The artist who succeeded in using these water-based materials (sumi ink and half-sheet paper) to create an extremely contemporary expression is Akitsune Tsuchiya.

Tsuchiya is known as an award-winning artist with numerous art exhibitions in Asia, but this is his first full-scale exhibition in Los Angeles. We hope you will take this opportunity to enjoy Tsuchiya’s world view.

Surf-Ink has prepared works expressed in the motifs of the West Coast, yoga, surf, Zen, and sumi ink.
The pattern on the back is a kumimon of “marijuana,” an ancient and sacred Japanese flower, and also reflects the current culture of Los Angeles.

↓Come to the party. We have delicious food, champagne and wine.

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