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Let’s be young!

A recent topic of interest is “immortality and mortality”.
This opportunity came from Keiko Matsumoto’s consulting company called Leed, a concierge service for preventive medicine.

What is important in an aging society is the idea of ​​lowering medical costs.

In recent years, Angelina Jolie has performed a “Miatest” (advanced blood test for early prediction of the disease), resulting in the removal of the breast due to cancer. It is the latest predictive medicine that can be used.

I tried “Activated Self Lymphocyte Therapy” from “Max Fax Ginza Clinic”. The aim is to increase your immunity that suddenly drops at the age of fifty.

If the peak of human immunity is 100 at 20 years old, it will be about 50, half of that at 50 years old.
Immunity can be seen as the number of “soldiers” defending your body. If there are few soldiers, it will be easy to catch a cold, and it will be easy to be attacked by a virus, and your body will not be able to fight cancer. Therefore, this treatment is called “preventive medicine”.

This activated self-lymphocyte therapy has been used for cancer treatment for more than 20 years, and Maxfax Ginza is the only clinic approved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare for a healthy body.